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Hi rob2tron my discord has a problem. It get stucked on checking for updates. Do you know how to solve the problem?

That's a discord issue, not a game issue I'm afraid so I can't help you there sorry.

Chapter 1 of Learning To Fly is the final version and Chapter 2 is also published here which is also final and contains new features I've learned how to code making it more game like.

I have been asked to provide the coding  for a new project which I have accepted so I do not know if or when I'll get to work on chapter 3.



Many thanks to all who have hopefully enjoyed these 2 downloads.  I enjoyed creating them coding wise, not so much art wise.

Did you developed Learning To Fly alone or with a team?

I read the story online which gave me the idea.  I emailed the author  who gave me full creative control for my project.  The rest was all me.

Chapter 2 has been published and has some new features.  I do hope you enjoy it.

Special note to those outside of the United States:

The game is told by Jesse James.  He was an infamous outlaw in the late 1800's, hence the small joke about not saying a word when he introduces himself.

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If anyone has an android 4.4 and above and would like to test that build, please contact me.


I would please

I'm sorry, but I just discovered Ren'Py will not allow me to build the Android version on this laptop.  I have more ram on the way and will try again after I install it.

Merry Christmas!

Santa came early and I was able to build not 1 but 4 versions for Android and including Chromebook!  Please join my Discord server to test it out!

Just a side note: This build says it will work on Android 4.4+

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Join me on discord

Whoops!  I just discovered another newbie mistake.  I've corrected the link to never expire!

I don't bite, I promise, unless you want me, never mind.  I don't bite, seriously!